(R2) Physiological saline


-     NaCl                                                                     8.5 g

-     Distilled water                                                    1000 ml


-     Dissolve the sodium chloride in distilled water, and mix well;

-     Store in a sealed container.

The quantity of salt and water can be proportionately reduced. For optimum storage:

-       Distribute 10 ml aliquots in sealable glass test tubes;

-       Sterilize in an autoclave at 121 C for 15 minutes and allow to cool;

-       Store at 4 C until use.

Physiological saline should be renewed frequently and stored in sealed test tubes to prevent accidental contamination with plant spores, pollen, mould or free-living airborne amoeba. These contaminants, during microscopic examination, can be mistaken for intestinal protozoa.