(R10) Bailenger's stain (fuchsin-crystal violet)


-     Crystal violet                                                          2.0 g

-     Basic fuchsin                                                       0.05 g

-     Ethyl alcohol 95%                                               10.0 ml

-     Crystallized phenol*                                            10.0 ml

* Melted in water bath at 56 °C under a fume hood.


-     Mix the reagents thoroughly

-     Leave to stand overnight

-     Add 100 ml distilled water

-     Stir well and filter.

The solution must be sheltered from sunlight and stored in a tightly sealed brown glass bottle.  When used, do not shake the bottle, but take the top layer of the solution with a pipette.  For use, see: “Microscopic examination with stains for temporary (wet mount) preparations”.